Ball Valves

RMT VM main production range covers floating and trunnion mounted ball valve sizes from ½’’ up to 60” available in three designs:

  • SIDE ENTRY (floating & trunnion)
  • TOP ENTRY (floating & trunnion)
  • FULLY WELDED (trunnion)

Engineered in full accordance with API6D, API6A and API6DSS specification and offered with the widest array of steels and alloys.

Design and Type of Valves


½’’ up to 60’’

Pressure Classes
API 6D and API 6DSS: 150 ANSI to 2500 ANSI API 6A: 2000 psi to 15000 psi

Floating 2 or 3 pcs bolted or threaded body, Floating Top Entry, Floating DBB, Trunnion Mounted Side Entry, Trunnion Mounted Top Entry, Trunnion Mounted Fully Welded, Trunnion Mounted DBB, Trunnion Mounted SubSea Shallow Water, Trunnion Mounted Split-Body Compact, Trunnion Mounted Cryogenic, Trunnion Mounted HIPPS, Scraper valves Pig-Launcher/Pig-Receiver.

Engineering & Design Specification
API 6D, API 6DSS, API 6A, ASME BPVC Sec. VIII div.1&2, ASME Group B16 (.5, .10, .25, .34 and .47), group B31 (.3 and .8), BS 6364.

Testing Specification
API (6D, 6DSS, 6A, 598, 6FA, and 607), ASME B16.34, BS 6364, ISO (5208, 17292, 10497, ISO 15848), EN 12266.

Ball Valves typical Service and Application

RMT VM Ball Valves accrued over the years a significant experience and is a preferred partner by the major O&G companies and EPC for the most demanding and severe applications within the up, mid and downstream.


  • Emergency Shut Down (ESDV)
  • Blow Down (BDV)
  • LNG
  • HIPPS/ Quick Opening & Closing
  • SubSea
  • SSIV
  • Hot Tapping
  • Scraper
  • Pig Launching & Receiving
  • Pipeline
  • Refinery
  • Riser
  • Process
  • Skid (metering)
  • Underground
  • Leeching System


  • High Pressure
  • Slurry
  • Sour (Amine, Methanol, Corrosive, Lethal)
  • Cryogenic/Low Temperature
  • High Temperature