Control Valves

RMT Control, the dedicated control unit of RMT VM, enhances since 2014 our product range with two main design of control valves:

Engineered in full accordance with IEC 60534 Specification and offered with any array of steels and alloys suitable for the most demanding application for process control in the oil & gas and power generation fields.

Design and Type of Valves


Linear: ½’’ up to 30’’
Rotary Ball: 1’’ to 48’’
Rotary Butterfly: 4’’ to 80’’

Pressure Classes
ASME B16.34 #150 - #2500.
Also class #4500 available for small sizes of linear control valves, on request.

ModelsLinear Control Valves: Globe Straight Way_Series 20s, Globe Angle_Series 90s, Globe Three Way_Series 70s.
Rotary Control Valves: Butterfly_Series 10s, Ball_Series 40s.

Engineering & Design Specification
IEC 60534 for all parts, ASME B16.34, ASME B31.1 / 31.3 / 31.8.

Testing Specification
IEC 60534-4, pressure test ISA 75.19, leak class ANSI FCI 70.2.

Control Valves typical Service and Application

RMT Controls team comes from years of experience grown within the reality of control valves. The joining of the engineering skills together with the direct experiences performed on field over the years provides the team with a full understanding of applications and with the resulting ability of studying and realizing tailor-made solutions for the most severe services in the Oil & Gas, Chemical and Power fields.


  • Upstream: onshore and offshore
  • Midstream: transportation, filtering, reduction, metering, storage, compression
  • Downstream: petrochemical, refineries, LNG
  • Distribution networks
  • Chemical (nitrogen, hydrogen, Urea)
  • Power Water: potable and desalination plants