When it all began

When it all began

More than 70 years of professional expertise. A solid Group reality. The strong belief, the reliable and dynamic attitude of our people. Here is the growth of RMT VM, from the early years up to the current role as preferred ball valves and control valves manufacturer by the most discerning customers worldwide in the Oil & Gas field.


The company’s activity of industrial valves engineering and manufacturing officially begins in Rho, under the name of La Valvomeccanica.


The fields of activity expands to the forging and steel milling branches, in order to manage the whole design and manufacturing process.


La Valvomeccanica joins other forge-masters expertise companies to establish a new worldwide reality in the valve designing and manufacturing market.


The company enters the GIVA Group in Solbiate Olona (VA) as a public limited company specialized in small and medium ball valves.


La Valvomeccanica and RMT Valves merged into“RMT Valvomeccanica” and become a worldwide known partner, with quarters in Europe, North and South America, Australia and China.